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The best in Neurotechnology to heal the brain combined with the best in therapy to heal the mind

Windmill Wellness Ranch

Creating a new standard for clinical excellence in recovery.


This is not traditional treatment.

We combine the most advanced proven therapeutic techniques, scientific outcome data with the access to Brain Frequency™ technology. We treat the real issue.

We're proud to announce that Windmill Wellness Ranch has the

Best Outcomes in the Nation

* According to an independent study by Trac9

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Built, in part, by having the top addiction therapist in the nation on our team!

Why Windmill Wellness

Windmill Wellness Ranch is a dual diagnosis, or co-occurring, treatment center focusing on treating the whole person. We’ve known substance use is just a symptom of another problem. The difference is that Windmill has always known this.

Besides having the best outcomes for 3 years straight , we have set the standard of care in the industry using valid scientific data to make decisions. With the access of various technologies, and psychometrics tools that tell us the truth, we know what needs to be addressed, so that long-term recovery can be achieved.

Treatment Philosophy

Each person comes to us with a different set of wounds and circumstances. WWR works to heal the entire individual, not just the addiction or behavior. We treat underlying issues, such as trauma, depression, anxiety, and other mental health or neurocognitive issues. We believe that the environment and culture along with the education of the staff is what creates the basis for healing. Windmill is comfortable and “feels good”.

Brain Frequency™

We're proud to be the only inpatient center to have access to more than just therapy to heal the mind, but clients have the option to Brain Frequency™ technology which heals the imbalances in the brain.
With the use of a quantitative EEG (q-EEG), also referred to as brain mapping, each EEG is unique and tied to the individual, with that a customizable approach is taken in therapy with the goal of delivering the best results.
We know this sounds like this is too good to be true, but it’s not. We have the data ton prove it. We believe that transformation in recovery involves individualized treatment to heal any underlying issues while treating the brain disease of addiction.

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"Windmill Wellness Ranch saved my life! It’s not just a rehab it’s so much more! The staff is amazing and they go above and beyond for their clients. You feel safe and feel the love the whole time your here. My only regret is not coming sooner!"
"Windmill helped me reset my life! The staff at WWR is so loving and caring, they set the tone for an accepting judgement free place to get the help you need. I’m so thankful for my time on the ranch. What a life changer!!"
To say I was in a dark and hopeless place is an understatement. Thanks to Windmill, I've been granted a new lease on life. And I would do it all again!
"What a magical place!! Windmill Wellness Ranch absolutely changed my life and helped me build a solid foundation to begin my life in recovery."

Our Facility

Located on a 75-acre ranch settled in 1840, Windmill Wellness Ranch is nestled in the beautiful Texas Hill Country on the north side of Canyon Lake. The property features a basketball court, volleyball court, tennis courts, outdoor pool, and extensive nature trails for hiking. Nearby cities include San Antonio, Austin, San Marcos, New Braunfels, Boerne, and Fredericksburg.

Not traditional treatment.

Windmill Wellness Ranch stands atop the nation in achieving unparalleled outcomes in drug, alcohol, and mental health treatment. We credit our success to our comprehensive, person-centered approach that caters to every facet of an individual's wellbeing.


Embrace healing amidst serenity. Nestled within a tranquil 75-acre ranch in the Texas Hill Country, we offer a haven far removed from worldly chaos. Our spacious facilities include quiet rooms with luxurious beds to foster restful sleep, and we provide step-down transitional living on-site if required.


We prioritize your emotional well-being with three weekly individual counseling sessions, (ompared to one session per week elsewhere). Our therapy extends beyond EMDR to encompass CBT Trauma, Internal Family Systems, Neuro Emotional Technique, and Neurodiversity-Affirming Therapy, all delivered by master's-level licensed therapists. We also provide extensive family support and grant lifetime access to aftercare and your personal recovery coach.


Healing is a full-body experience. The Brain Frequency™ protocol aids the restoration of the brain, while our professional chefs ensure daily nutritious meals. Our on-site gym, staffed with a dedicated personal trainer, is ready to assist you on your journey to improved physical fitness. With partnerships from dentists to podiatrists, we have you covered.


We tailor your recovery journey. We shun the one-size-fits-all 30-day treatment plan for a length of stay that aligns with your specific needs. Multiple types of therapy are available to tailor your sessions to your needs. Detailed Brain Maps and available genetic testing allow for more accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment plans. Your schedule and treatment protocol are custom-fitted to your needs, and we provide fellowships beyond just the 12-step model.


Our data-driven approach ensures continual improvement. Our team convenes thrice weekly to assess your progress using nine key measurable data points derived from psychometrics and brain map data. This data helps us fine-tune your treatment for optimal recovery.

At Windmill Wellness Ranch, we go beyond traditional treatment, and belive so strongly in our model, we back it with the Windmill Guarantee.

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