Family Program

Windmill Wellness Ranch offers Family Programming on a weekly basis to foster growth and healing in the family. We help move the focus away from shame and blame, looking instead at practical tools to help everyone move forward. Our Family Programming workshop includes a mix of educational and sharing groups.

Our Family Programming workshops are offered on a six-week rotating schedule to ensure that families who attend on multiple weekends will have new experiences each time. Children are welcome as long as parents determine that they can sit in and benefit from group work.

Topics Include:

  • Addiction, the Brain, and the Family
  • Assertive Communication and Boundaries
  • Codependence and Addiction
  • Family Dynamics and Roles
  • Enabling and Rescuing
  • The Family in Recovery

This program is offered every Saturday from 10 - 4.

Lunch served to all participants.

All loving relationships are welcome.

Alumni are always welcome (clients and/or family members).

Text wwrfamily to 90407 to let us know if you'll be joining us.

In addition, we have a number of podcasts catering to families. You can listen to them below:

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