Our Team

Executive Team

Shannon Malish, LCSW

Chief Executive Officer

Shannon Malish is an LCSW-S and has a master’s degree from the University of Texas - San Antonio in Social Work with an emphasis in addiction counseling. Her undergraduate degree is in Business Management from Azusa Pacific University and, though successful as a team member that ran a Real Estate Investment Trust on the New York Stock Exchange, Shannon found she was not satisfied with her career path. With a personal connection of losing her younger sister to anxiety and depression, Shannon began her Master’s in Social Work which culminated in running 12 inpatient centers in 3 different states. It was her dedication and passion for helping people heal by putting the patient first that further spurred Mrs. Malish to open an inpatient/outpatient facility unlike any other in its specialties of trauma, drug addiction, and mental health.

In May of 2017, Shannon opened Windmill Wellness Ranch. She believes that a holistic approach to recovery is necessary for a client’s growth and complete healing. The programs offered at Windmill Wellness Ranch and the patient’s experience are the brainchild of Ms. Malish. Her vast knowledge and experience in leading and directing co-occurring, substance-use-disorder treatment facilities led to research that showed what is needed to sustain long-term recovery. Shannon now has methods for treatment to address underlying issues with therapy instead of placing, as she refers to it, “a band-aid over the problem.” The “band-aid treatment” did not work and, thus, it was time for evidence based and researched treatment. In order to heal the body, mind and spirit it requires specialty and highly educated staff that is trained to deal with the core issue, which is never the substance that is being abused. What Shannon found was that a fraction of those people were still relapsing despite all therapeutic efforts.

Shannon’s journey didn’t stop there…

After years of teaching and delivering treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD, substance-use-disorders and various other mental health disorders, Shannon sought out a team of psychiatrists and neurologists to investigate the missing component of how medications are often not the solution to these issues. What she has found working with this team of experts is that many people suffer from an imbalance in the brain. Shannon was trained and certified by Neurocademy, an International group of the most advanced individuals specializing in rTMS (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation) and is also certified in TMS. This training along with the data on individualized approach is what led to her revelation to assemble another team of highly experienced doctors and scientists to develop a new and non-invasive way to treat this brain imbalance, thus delivering the revolutionary treatment iTMS™. This state-of-the-art, front-end of the brain method is instrumental in treating conditions such as ADHD, autism, different neurocognitive disorders and even people who suffer from sleep issues. Shannon can personally attest to its benefits and success as her son underwent iTMS™ to treat ADD and observed those symptoms disappear with the treatment.

With an astonishing success rate of 94% when combining iTMS™ treatment with therapy, it will eventually move people away from having to rely on medication.

Mrs. Malish is also the founder of Brain Frequency Center in Spring Branch, Texas.

Dane Hebert

Chief Financial Officer

For the last 6 years, Dane has worked as a Finance Executive in the substance use disorder treatment industry. He brings extensive Financial, Operations, Planning and Analysis experience to his position as Chief Financial Officer for Windmill Wellness Ranch, LLC. He received his Bachelor of Business Administration and his Master's in Professional Accounting from the University of Texas at Austin. After almost six years with Peat Marwick/KPMG, Dane left to start a Management Consulting practice in Austin that specialized in Strategic Planning and Operations Management and then moved into Executive positions for several private equity owned companies. He received his CPA in 1981. Dane worked with the University of Texas Quality Management Consorita, mentoring upper level and graduate students in strategic planning, performance excellence, and process engineering, and he was a Greater Austin Quality Council Examiner. Dane is a financial management professional with a proven track record and a commitment to helping others.


Windmill Greeter

Pris has been an important part of Windmill Wellness Ranch since before it opened. Although she has held several positions, she has been selected for the distinct honor as the official Windmill Ranch Greeter due to her performance and 11 years of advanced studies in human behavior – as well as dog behavior. At 8 weeks old and one pound, she began her journey from the back of a pick up truck at a gas station south of Austin off of Interstate 35 and immediately took up national and international flying to learn all she could. Her extensive knowledge of human and animal behavior has made her an invaluable part of the community with her instinctual recognition of the needs of others. Her vocabulary spans over 200 words – no commands please – and she becomes extremely vocal at inappropriate television programs that include violent behavior or uninvited animals. She understands what it takes to overcome adversity when at 10 weeks old and losing the one pound she had, she fought pneumonia in an incubator in an intensive care unit where she received oxygen and intravenous therapy. This experience has left her with the compassion and ability to uniquely identify the needs of others and bring them comfort, strength and hope.

She loves working at Windmill and delights in bringing smiles from visitors who are taking that first step of a difficult journey in recovery. She receives abundant recognition by visitors’ reactions to her presence when she greets them – always happy to see them. She does take time for self-care, including continuing with her extensive travel and rolling in cow patties and dead earthworms. It is somewhat of a surprise that she excels in these hobbies because her given name “Pris,” is based on her beauty and prissy-ness. Her unique breed as a Coton de Tulear has prepared her well for helping others which is the only reward in itself – and maybe receiving a treat.

Windmill Wellness Staff

Dmitry Listengarten, M.D.

Medical Director

Melissa Woolsey

Director of Utilization Review

Heidi Cullen, RN

Director of Nursing

Debbie Roach

Director of Human Resources

Sylvia Black

Director of Billing & Insurance

Shankar Poncelet


Anita Lightfoot

Counselor, LPC

​Casey Arrillaga

Team Leader for Education and EAP Relations, Counselor, LCSW, LCDC

Brian Bumphus

Recovery Coach Lead

Scott Randall

Supervisor, Wellness Advocates

Shan Oliver

Counselor, LPC

Lauren O’Connor

Counselor, LMSW

Andrea Rodriguez

Recovery Coach

Angela Anderson

Registered Nurse

Julianna Santiago

Director of Admissions

Quintin Santiago

Activities Coordinator

Johanna Sikaffy

Counselor, LPC

DesaRay Torres

Counselor, LMSW

Sean Sullivan

Counselor LPC

Emily Youngblood, DC, DACNB, PAK, QNCP

Chiropractor, Neuro-Emotional Technique

Phyllis Williams

Executive Chef

Brian Bodkin

Recovery Coach

Lisa Davidson, LCDC

Clinical Director

Erika Unberhagen

Counselor, LMSW