First Responders

As the wife of a police officer and military veteran, the founder and CEO of Windmill Wellness Ranch, Shannon Malish knows how important trauma resolution is to all of our first responders here in the U.S. This is why Windmill Wellness Ranch specializes in treating law enforcement/first responders/veterans and the spouses and children of first responders. 

We understand the many struggles that first responders face from the stress of their daily lives versus those of everyday civilians. These can include mental health issues like anxiety, depression and PTSD. Many first responders have unresolved trauma and often end up self-medicating with alcohol or other substances. With all this said, our clinicians are trauma trained and we even have ex-vet master's level clinicians and staff trained for this specific population of individuals.

In order to offer help to the families of first responders, our therapists are trained to understand the different dynamic of living with a first responder. We understand that being the loved one of a first responder comes with its challenges as well, from accepting a less than ordinary work schedule, living life with an expectation of perfectionism, and often communication issues amongst family members due to the need to stay tough and never show weakness. Windmill Wellness Ranch is here to treat you and your family. 

We have seen incredible results from treating first responders using our unique set of therapies such as EMDR and iTMS™. EMDR, otherwise known as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, is an integrative psychotherapy approach that has been extensively researched and proven effective for the treatment of trauma. iTMS™ is a non-invasive, low amplitude treatment that applies magnetic energy to the effected areas of the brain through Neuromodulation in order to balance the areas that are not functioning at their full potential. This treatment is used for depression, anxiety, ADD and more with a 90% efficacy rate. 

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