Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorders are brain disorders that cause marked changes in a person’s ability to function, mood, and energy levels. People with these disorders have extreme and intense emotional states that occur in distinct periods called mood episodes. Mood episodes differ from normal ups and downs in mood that occur in daily life.

The symptoms of bipolar disorder can damage relationships, cause problems with work or school, and even lead to suicide. People suffering from bipolar disorder may feel out of control or ruled by there extreme moods or behaviors. Although there may be periods of normal mood, people with bipolar disorder will often continue to have these mood episodes if left untreated.

Though these disorders may be lifelong once they begin, treatment can relieve symptoms and bring hope. People with these disorders benefit from a combination of medications, psychotherapy “talk therapy”, and practicing healthy lifestyle habits. With the right treatment, people with bipolar disorder can lead full and productive lives.

Statistics show that more than 10 million people in America suffer from bipolar disorder. The bipolar class includes three different conditions:

  • Bipolar I
  • Bipolar II
  • Cyclothymic Disorder

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