On-Site Professional Chefs

The Windmill Food Experience

Windmill Wellness Ranch is truly a holistic center and we know that repairing the body with incredible food is the key to the next steps. We strive to provide a healthy and inviting atmosphere and hope you look forward to coming and dining with everyone down at the Blanco Dining Hall. It is our job to balance your physical being.

The role of food and nutrition in mental health and substance abuse has been proven by the scientific community.  Your body must contain the nutrients for you to operate on all levels. Windmill employs Chefs because your body feeds your brain and the food you eat repairs your DNA from damage from toxins. We use only fresh ingredients (photonutrients) that support brain, body and enhancing immunity.

Many foods support brain growth and functioning. Eating these incredible meals increase the activity of neurotransmitters, which is directly connected to mood and emotions! It is so important to have a great space to eat.  Learning or re-learning how to sit and enjoy a meal is key to self-care.  Did you know that depression can be reduced 25-30% by what you eat?  Food=Mood.

Catering To Your Specific Diet

We also welcome people with dietary restrictions, and those who choose a more specific dietary lifestyle such as Pescatarians or Vegetarians. We love what we do, and we carefully plan our meals to try to serve you a variety of simple home style meals and elevated cuisine that will always excite you. We understand that the road to recovery can be tough and at times overwhelming, and that is why it is so important for us to create a dining space where you can feel at ease.

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