Treatment Philosophy

Each person comes to us with a different set of wounds and circumstances. Windmill Wellness Ranch works to heal the entire individual, not just the addiction or behavior. We treat underlying issues, such as trauma, depression, anxiety, and other mental health or neurocognitive issues.

We treat the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational health of the individual and family. We help you discover your authentic, whole self and bring your entire person into balance. Many of those that seek our help are “stuck”. They can’t imagine getting better, but at Windmill Wellness Ranch, we help them find their joy.

Many people come to us with various diagnosis from several providers, often derived while they are still on substances, prescription medication, or withdrawing from those and they are almost always incorrect. A proper diagnosis cannot be given in those circumstances. We properly diagnosis each patient and provide them with the proper modality of treatment. At Windmill Wellness Ranch, every patient will get treated properly.

Our program is unlike any other. It is clinician owned and was designed by the most talented and experienced doctors, psychiatrists, clinicians and nurses in the field. In order to make long-term recovery certain, clinical components must be part of the recovery process.

These components include:  

  1. Master’s Level Clinicians - Why? Without a Master’s Level Clinical License, you cannot diagnosis or treat any underlying disorders. WWR has clinicians that are specialized in various disorders and trauma resolution.
  2. Psychiatry is available daily to our clients 
  3. Genetic Testing - (Available upon request) Most of those that seek our services have been given many medications to help with depression or anxiety. Most of the time the medications do not work, or stop working, and many report they feel like a “guinea pig”. WWR is conservative with medications, however if medication is needed genetic testing takes the guess work out of psychiatry and our psychiatrists know which medications will work with your metabolism.
  4. EMDR - This is a rapid form of therapy that heals trauma. When trauma occurs, the body releases chemicals such as adrenaline. Trauma does not need to be a tragic event, it can be a childhood divorce or something that happened on the playground. EMDR resolves the trauma that grows as we age into depression, anxiety or both.
  5. Having a compassionate environment and staff that understands that they are part of your healing process. Windmill Wellness Ranch is in a non-institutional home/ranch setting. This may sound silly, but a comfortable full mattress and well-appointed rooms make sleep better, which make healing and therapy better.
  6. We empower clients to find activities which bring them purpose and well-being in recovery. We recognize that they need to fill the void left in the absence of substances with meaningful roles and occupation. This helps them regain their sense of purpose and direction.
  7. Brain Frequency™ treatment – Treating the brain. Let’s face it, damage has been done to the brain as a result of use or trauma, and is sometimes organic. We can see and treat the brain with Brain Frequency™. Each client will have the option to receive an EEG upon admission.
  8. Each client has a comprehensive assessment by a Master’s Level Clinician, which is paired with a medical and psychiatric provider that follows each client through their entire stay into aftercare. Clinicians also use Trac9 to assess and monitor the client. This innovative software allows for predictive analysis, individualized treatment planning, and real-time changes to treatment. This process allows each clinical team following the client to build a treatment plan that encompasses all 6 dimensions of an individual. Each client is also assessed medically with a wellness panel to rule out any health conditions. 
  9. If you have anxiety or depression, a medication is not just prescribed, we review the assessments and work with the client to determine where the anxiety and depression may have originated and if there was an event we work through that therapeutically. We don’t simply give you a pill and hope it works.
  10. We also offer a family workshop every weekend for our clients and their loved ones.

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