Personality Disorders

Personality refers to how people interact with the rest of society, thoughts, views, and how they relate to their surroundings. People who are suffering from personality disorders often interact differently in social settings, responding in unhealthy ways to life. These individuals find all aspects of “the societal norm” difficult, relationships, work, or goals. Often, these people don’t even know they are reacting in an abnormal way.

All people exhibit personality traits that make them different, it’s what makes you, you. Whether you are and extrovert, introvert, confident, timid; these traits make someone different from others. It’s the extreme expression of some traits that can cause problems.

Personality Disorders can show deeper more severe problems that can impair the way someone acts, feels, thinks, and perceives the world around them. People with personality disorders often have trouble trusting others, and can react in harmful ways, sometimes hurting themselves or other people.

Categories of Personality Disorders:

·       Antisocial

·       Borderline

·       Schizotypal Personality Disorders

People with personality disorders get better overtime with treatment, some as they get older, and with support from friends and family. Treating these disorders mostly involves psychotherapy, in a group or personal setting. Medications can be prescribed, but there is no one sole treatment for a personality disorder. Medications are usually chosen to treat the symptoms exhibited. Reach out, help is waiting.

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