Windmill Ranch was absolutely the place for me! The staff and therapist go above and beyond in understanding you and where you have been. I couldn't ask for a better place to start my new journey in life! Between the classes and activities they provide, it was all a great experience.
Blaise Finnegan


This has been the best experience of my life. I'm glad I was given the opportunity to be apart of this family. I am forever grateful for all the staff , especially my therapist, for not giving up on me and showing me a better way.
Alvaro Aragon


Absolutely amazing. A true co-occurring (dual addiction and mental health) treatment center. Walking onto the property you immediately feel peace. God is doing amazing work at Windmill Wellness. Definitely the masterpiece created by Shannon Malish!!!! Shannon's passion is weaved in every piece of the program. Great staff, Medical and Clinical. I'm still in awe over the tour.
Nikki Saurage

The choice to go to an alcoholic treatment center alone was terrifying and this being my first treatment experience, even more terrifying. However, not only was this one of the best choices I've made in my life; the staff, counselors and over all program was well rounded.

It not only focused on the alcoholic addiction but also focused on healthy life balance of family, work, hobbies, and over all me time. Really helped me to better understand how important all these things are to a happy and well balanced life.

My prayers go out to all the suffering addicts and the people that help save them.

Thank you Windmill Wellness Ranch!!!
Anthony Fermo


This place has gone above and beyond for me! Through all the obstacles and struggles I processed here I was shown only grace and immense patience. I have a deep appreciation for all the unconditional love and support I was shown at Windmill Wellness Ranch and those who stand behind their dream. Thank you for the opportunity to get well again and thank you for believing in me.
Kelly Sweeney

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