Clean Living

The Clean Livin’ LLC program is another unique facet of partnership for wellness. 

Based upon years of research, most of those that leave in-patient treatment relapse or fall back into unhealthy behavior. This is not because they didn’t follow instruction, it’s because after being in a protected environment the transition to “real” life can be overwhelming and they don’t have the support and accountability they need. Most of those that seek our assistance have either had some type of trauma or mental health issue that they are also managing. This step is critical for long-term recovery. Often times, during this transition, they are still working on intensive work and/or adjusting to medications. It is during this time that we support a healthy balance, offering the support and tools needed to manage through this time. 

The recovery journey is different for everyone and we believe all clients need and deserve individualized care. The Clean Livin’ homes provide a step down from the structure of residential treatment. Residents can experience the autonomy of independent living while engaging in programming that fits their personal needs. 

The Clean Livin’ residents continue to receive ongoing medical care, therapeutic services, transportation assistance and iTMS™ treatments. Additionally, they may participate in recreational activities, meal services and in-house meetings. The Clean Livin’ community will administer career aptitude tests, works with local colleges, has employment support within the community and operates in a democratic fashion ensuring that all residents take an active role in the operation of their homes. Each resident has an assigned recovery coach that is with them through each step of their journey. Residents learn to participate in their outside community through service work, sober community events, and sponsorship. Residents are encouraged to engage in employment, schooling or volunteer work as they transition to outpatient care. 

This transitional model is designed to bridge the gap between intensive residential treatment and sober independent living. With purpose and commitment in their lives, our Clean Livin’ residents are beating the odds. 

The time needed at Clean Livin’ varies from a month to a year. This is dependent on the needs of each. 

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