Transitional and Sober Living

At Windmill Wellness Ranch, we understand the importance of continued support and structured living environments for those transitioning from inpatient treatment to sober, independent living. That's why we maintain partnerships with Transitional Clean Livings and Sober Living facilities, conveniently located near our campus, to provide a seamless step-down level of care for our clients.

We understand everyone has a unique set of circumstances, all local transitional and sober living facilities that we refer to are vetted by the Windmill staff.

The Next Step in Recovery

Transitional and Sober Living is ideal for individuals who have previously undergone treatment but require additional support to navigate the challenges of sober living in the real world. This option is particularly beneficial for chronic relapsers, those with "stacked trauma" necessitating ongoing therapy, and anyone needing to maintain the therapeutic relationships they've established.

Understanding the Journey

The journey to recovery extends beyond staying sober; it involves learning how to live a fulfilling life without dependence on substances. Research, including studies by Nora Volkow of NIDA and researchers at Yale University, highlights the critical 90-day period required for the brain to reset and regain decision-making capabilities. Our program acknowledges this, preparing clients for potential relapses and providing them with the necessary support and tools, including access to their recovery coach, to navigate the complexities of life post-treatment. We understand each person has their own unique needs in living requirements, these are just to outline a few. 

Clean Livin’ LLC's Program: A Unique Approach

Our partnership with Clean Livin’ LLC enhances our ability to offer personalized care, involving clients, clinicians, treatment teams, and families in the decision-making process for aftercare. This collaboration also allows families and friends to participate in weekly workshops focused on aftercare planning.

Structured Living for Long-term Recovery

The difference between returning home and choosing a structured living environment lies in the latter's ability to provide ongoing support and accountability. Transitional clean living offers a more structured approach compared to sober living, requiring residents to continue medical care, therapeutic services, and engage in community and accountability measures.

Beyond Recovery: Academic and Career Support

Clean Living homes offer more than just a structured environment; they provide residents with academic and career support, including career aptitude tests, resume building, and job placement through partnerships with local businesses and educational institutions. This holistic approach ensures that residents not only work towards recovery but also towards building a purposeful and committed life.

A Bridge to Independent Living

Our transitional model is designed to bridge the gap between intensive residential treatment and sober independent living. Through personalized programming, support for continued therapy, and engagement in both the Clean Living community and the wider sober community, residents learn to navigate life's challenges and opportunities with autonomy and purpose.

At Windmill Wellness Ranch, we believe in the power of individualized care and the potential for every client to achieve long-term recovery and a fulfilling life in sobriety

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