Multiple Therapy Types Offered

At Windmill Wellness Ranch, everything is built around the idea that no two recovery journeys are unique. Our staff is trained in multiple types of therapy to help multiple types of people.

We understand that no two recovery journeys are alike, and therefore, the therapy that may work for one person may not be as effective for another. Our highly-trained staff carefully selects and employs the most appropriate therapy type for each client, ensuring it compliments their distinct needs and preferences.

Our principal therapy offerings include:

Each technique is selected carefully, with a focus on ensuring the best possible outcomes for our clients.

In addition, we practice Neurodivergent-affirming therapies that understands neurological variations are not defects, but simply different ways of being, and thus are not something we need to be "cured" of.

Unlike other treatment centers, which typically provide one counseling session per week, our standard protocol includes three counseling sessions per week. This elevated session frequency is designed to promote deeper engagement and a more stable foundation for lasting sobriety.

Preceding any trauma-related therapies, comprehensive psychometric evaluations are conducted. This ensures the suitable and safe application of therapeutic tools, safeguarding emotional well-being and preventing any potential harm.

Through our individualized approach, we continually strive to offer safe, effective, and tailored paths to recovery for every client.

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