Physical Healing

Wellness is defined as “pursuing a state of being in good health”. WWR is dedicated to our patient’s overall wellness and recognizes the importance of physical healing as a part of overall wellness. WWR provides comprehensive diagnostic testing to ensure a patient is given a complete picture of his/her health. This information assists staff working with the patient to create a physical healing plan individualized to that patient’s needs with the goal of wellness—a state of being in good health.

WWR has a trained activities director that works in tandem with our expert medical staff to help with this process and monitor the patient’s physical progress. Our trainer will work with each client individually to foster a healthy regime based on their age, health, and a consultation with our nursing staff.

Additionally, all meals are prepared by two professional chefs. We create meals of fresh foods and healthy dining options to further promote physical wellness. Our kitchen staff is capable of creating delicious and nutritious meals that work around any dietary restrictions.

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