Aftercare Program

What is an Aftercare Program?

Aftercare is follow-up treatment you receive after being in a drug or alcohol rehab program. Successful aftercare programs can best help prevent relapse and help the recovering addict stay focused on sustainable recovery.

Key Points of an Aftercare Program:

  • To maintain recovery.
  • To find ways to prevent relapse.
  • To achieve a life filled with rewarding relationships and a sense of purpose.

At Windmill Wellness Ranch, we achieve our successful and proven track record by providing:

  • An Assigned Recovery Coach
  • Alumni Coordinators
  • 12-Step Programming (or an alternative)
  • Support Groups
  • Intensive Outpatient Programming
  • Individual or Group Counseling
  • Access to the Rehabulous Tribe

At Discharge:

It’s our belief, here at Windmill Wellness Ranch, that our work isn’t finished once a client leaves programming. It’s at the time of discharge, when a client leaves programming, that the potential for relapse is greatest. This is a primary reason why Aftercare Programming is critical for sustainable recovery. Our Recovery Coaches and Alumni Coordinators follow up with our clients on a regular and routine basis to ensure that all is going according to the Discharge Plan and assist with making adjustments as and where needed.

Once ready for discharge from Residential Treatment, the client’s therapist will create a solid Aftercare Plan to include supportive housing, assistance in locating employment, assistance with psychiatry appointment(s) and/or any other medical appointment(s) that might be needed, as well as outpatient therapy (if needed).  

Another source of support is our large community of Alumni. We offer DAA meetings onsite weekly as a resource to stay “plugged in” to sobriety.

Rehabulous Tribe

The Rehabulous Tribe™ is unique to Windmill Wellness Ranch and is a group for all alumni to communicate day or night and have meetings as they journey through a life in recovery.

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