Co-Occurring Mental Health Wellness

Many individuals self-medicate due to a co-occurring problem. The most prominent are depression and anxiety, however we are equipped to handle many other co-occurring disorders, bi-polar, PTSD, trauma, chronic pain, and many more. When you add the effects of drug abuse or dependency it exacerbates the problem. In our inpatient program we are able to properly diagnose and treat each with the proper modality of therapy or medication management. We provide effective co-occurring treatments to our residents who are faced with mental health concerns in conjunction with their substance abuse problems.

At WWR, we understand PTSD is a major mental health issue that hundreds of thousands of veterans and first responders suffer with. As the wife of a veteran and active police officer, CEO of Windmill Wellness Ranch, Shannon Malish, is honored to have the opportunity to treat those who have served our country and their communities.

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