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The Best Addiction Rehab in San Antonio, Texas

 Windmill Wellness Ranch is one of the top rehabs in the San Antonio area. Located in the Texas Hill Country, Windmill Wellness Ranch works to heal the entire individual, not just the addiction or behavior. We treat underlying issues, such as trauma, depression, anxiety, and other mental health or neurocognitive issues.

Using cutting edge technology of iTMS, Windmill Wellness Ranch is working to change the way we treat neurocognitive issues, such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other disorders. Being a co-occurring mental health wellness facility, Windmill Wellness Ranch also treats those struggling with multiple addictions and disorders. We are equipped to handle many co-occurring disorders, bi-polar, PTSD, trauma, chronic pain, and many more. At Windmill Wellness Ranch, we understand PTSD is a major mental health issue that hundreds of thousands of veterans and first responders suffer with. As the wife of a veteran and active police officer, CEO of Windmill Wellness Ranch, Shannon Malish, is honored to have the opportunity to treat those who have served our country and their communities.

We offer residential treatment, as well as, clean living to the residents of the San Antonio area. Detoxification is also available for those who may need it. Windmill Wellness has it's own medical detoxification wing. Our medical staff are on-site 24/7. The length of a detox stay varies based on several factors, including the severity of the dependency, what levels of drugs are in the system, the type of drug and how long it takes to get an individual stabilized. We want our clients to be comfortable, yet stable and able to engage in the recovery process as soon as they are able.

Addiction treatment is not easy. Sometimes it can be made a little easier by bringing along a familiar face. Windmill Wellness Ranch is the only San Antonio area dog friendly rehab. We found that having a dog friend during treatment helps with the patient’s wellness, and seems to improve our outcomes. 

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