Most people might think that fitness is just a matter of pushing weights around a gym or jumping on and off cardio machines. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Fitness is a myriad of variables to illicit a response from the human body. Fitness, by definition, is the condition of being physically fit and healthy. But fitness has evolved over the years to a vast range of sports preparation, therapeutic rehabilitation, injury prevention, and of course “how we look in a bathing suit”.

To accomplish this, a personal trainer is required. It is not needed for the long haul. In fact, in most cases- a PT can be a steppingstone for many individuals. Just that little “kick start”. As a fitness junkie myself, I can tell you that my first trainer left a lasting impression on me. And since my first time in the gym, my game has been taken to a new level. With the guidance of a good PT, you can mold an athlete out of yourself, or even just that dream body you’ve always wanted.

Here at WWR we offer an onsite personal trainer for your stay at the ranch, who will interview you for injuries, goals, and future fitness attributes. This interview is actually highly important. This is where we gather all the pertinent information to build your exercise program. All the way from favorite exercises to past injuries. I have been a trainer at the ranch for the past 3 years and have seen many of my clients walk off property with a marvelous transformation. My goal here is to take my knowledge and pour it out to you. So, when you leave this ranch, you feel and look like a million bucks- plus you will have all the tools and tricks to keep your body in tip top shape.

Sometimes starting with a personal trainer can be a little intimidating. We understand this. At WWR, we strive to make your feel comfortable, and the exercise program is no exception to that. My favorite way to start someone in the gym is slowly. Slow enough for you to grasp the program and run away with it. The most important takeaway from this is the benefits you can accomplish from basic exercise (starting slowly of course). Not only can you benefit physically, but mentally as well. Depression, sleep, and overall benefit of breaking a little sweat can keep you feeling fresh and looking fresh too.

So, like the old saying goes. “Look good, feel good”. Except, on this journey, we are going to use every tool at our disposal to get you into the best shape of your life. Like Jerry McGuire said, “help me, help you!” … Only, I’m not Tom Cruise, and I’m pretty sure Cuba Gooding, Jr. isn’t reading this. In closing, fitness can be fulfilling and fun. You can keep your body, mind, and soul “in check” with just a little drive in the gym. Coach, Out!

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