Windmill Wellness Ranch is the home of the Top Therapist in the Nation

October 7th, 2022

There are many reasons why individuals struggling to overcome addiction and mental health issues come to Windmill Wellness Ranch.

Everything we do is geared towards giving our clients the best chance of a lasting recovery.

We're located not in a refurbished motel next to a highway, but on a sprawling 70 acre property in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

We spare no expense on the facilities and programs: The highest quality beds for deep sleep to facilitate healing; professional chef prepared meals for nourishment; proprietary technology to facilitate healing the brain.

Which is why we're proud to announce we've received evidence of something we've known all along: that our staff is the best you can find.

We're is proud to announce that our very own, Erika Unberhagen has been identified as the #1 performing addiction therapist in the nation.

TRAC9, the gold standard for tracking and measuring treatment outcomes, has determined Erika has measured the highest in patient improvement over the first four weeks of treatment.

Congrats Erika Unberhagen!

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