An optional offering, for those who want it:

Windmill Wellness Ranch has the most up to date scientific advancements in the field of behavioral health. The bio-watch is the newest addition to our many modalities and tools. Our body keeps score and also predicts behavior. The bio-watch can be placed on anyone that requests this, at no additional charge inpatient. Our medical staff receives alerts as soon as your body is outside of normal limits.

The ViviHealth-band provides close monitoring of patients regarding vitals, emotional, and physical biometrics, and location tracking. Through the use of a biometric band, and locked down cellular device, the patient’s information is transmitted, in real time, to staff members which will allow them to see the exact location of patient and monitor other factors such as heart rate, sleep, stress, mood, anxiety, depression, craving and engagement in the recovery process. Of importance to note, the system utilized is able to identify if the tracking band is removed and active geofencing is deployed, alerting staff if the perimeter is breached by the patient. The data then can predict concerning behavior before it happens.

This device is adaptable to meet any criteria that requires close monitoring or constant supervision.

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