Windmill Wellness Ranch Measures Above National Average for Key Success Metrics

May 14th, 2021

Windmill Wellness Ranch is proud to announce our performance across key success metrics surpasses the national average for addiction centers across the United States. Measured by Trac9 (an independent third-party analytics firm), Windmill Wellness Ranch performs better than the national average in the following metrics:

At Windmill, our number one priority is leaving our clients with the foundation and tools needed for long-lasting sobriety. These outstanding metrics prove that Windmill is a leading provider of addiction treatment, and is one of the best places for clients to seek enduring freedom from addiction.

Windmill's industry-leading approach to addiction treatment targets healing for both the brain and the mind. Established on a sprawling 75-acre estate with miles of walking trails and other outdoor activities, cutting-edge iTMS treatment protocols, and treatment plans customized to each individual, Windmill is equipped to help you or a loved one achieve healing and lasting sobriety.