Nothing but N.E.T. - What is N.E.T?

December 19th, 2022

N.E.T., or Neuro Emotional Technique. Sound confusing? Well, you’re not alone, it stumped me too. In the grand scheme of treatment for various sorts of trauma, N.E.T. is currently on the forefront in identifying and treating trauma through emotional release of a subconscious entanglement of events. Say that five times fast!

         First, I don’t think I can explain N.E.T. without introducing our protagonist. Dr. Scot Walker is a Chiropractor that has studied various ways to treat the human body with homeopathic techniques. He has studied everything from Nutrition to Acupuncture. This wide range of education would thrust Dr. Walker into an “ah-ha moment” that would change his view on treatment forever.

In 1985, Scot Walker, DC., attended a seminar where he witnessed a doctor by the name of Jennifer Lamonica performing adjustments on patients. After completing the adjustment, she would then have the patient think about the accident that caused the misalignment, and the adjustments would then come out of place. Dr. Lamonica would then have the patient think about the situation that caused the trauma, make the adjustment, and low and behold- it would stick. Dr. Walker had an epiphany. “What if we can get the patient to think about the emotional state, and then make the adjustment while they are in that particular state?” At that moment, N.E.T. was born.

Emotions are normal, they’re good for us, they keep us humble, warn us of harm, and draw us toward true love. However, emotions can also cause disease within the body. It’s very well documented that a poor emotional state can weaken the immune system. And, according to Dr. Walker, when our bodies are in a weakened state, the bodies’ meridians can trap emotion within them. When the body traps that emotion within the meridians, it can target a particular area. Dr. Walker explains N.E.T. as a very simple process bringing memory, emotion, and physiology into play when treating a patient. Once the treatment is complete you will still have the memory of the incident, but the “charge” isn’t there. 

Do I have your attention yet? Let’s talk about how this works. Now, let me state that I was lucky, I was able to interview Dr. Emily Youngblood DC certified N.E.T. who works with me at our clinic. Dr. Youngblood was gracious enough to sit with me and give me the opportunity to interview her and took me through a quick demonstration. With N.E.T., like any other treatment, it’s an addition to your normal treatment. Typically, patients will come in for adjustments, and if the doctor notices a pattern of misalignments, the doctor will offer N.E.T.

The treatment itself is a little different than your average chiropractic appointment. Dr. Youngblood, with her chipper smile and kind attitude, sat in front of me, had me raise my arm in front of me, and prompted me to repeat certain phrases. The prompt for phrasing is dependent upon what you are treating, but essentially the same concept overall. While repeating the phrases, the doctor will start the process of “probing” (sorry it’s the only word I could think of) around certain areas of the body, whilst slightly pushing down on my raised arm. The doctor periodically asked me to give resistance while she was probing, and was looking for weakness in the arm, while correlating it to the portion of the body being probed. For example, my phrase was, “I don’t have a problem with sugar”, the doctor noticed weakness while she was on my liver and stopped there.

Here’s the kicker. The doctor asked me, “Do you have a problem with sugar?”, I chuckled and said, “I don’t know”. It always takes me time to process things, I guess I’m built differently, but later in the day, I realized “Wait, I intermittent fast daily…. Liver…Sugar…. Blood sugar!!!” Without my knowing, Dr. Youngblood was able to see something about me that I didn’t even think about. It’s treatment like this that will inadvertently change our society. We Earthlings are just now giving alternative medicine its due diligence. It wasn’t too long ago that humans would swear by a traditional doctor, and not give the other side a glance. Treatments in this fashion are groundbreaking and trendsetting. Imagine a world where all forms of medicine are prevalent and working together. Dr. Walker is helping shape that world.

So, what do you do? As I stated earlier, N.E.T. is an optional treatment. And, as the old saying goes, “your options are endless”. It’s pain free, non-intrusive, and quite interesting to see before your eyes. A couple good reads to pick up are “The body keeps the score”, by Bessel Van Der Kolk, MD., and “Molecules of Emotion”, by Candace B, Pert. These books can put the energetic pathways of the body into perspective for you, and N.E.T. can keep those pathways functioning properly. The world is evolving, are you?

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