COVID-19 and Brain Fog

July 25th, 2022

Blog, bog, frog, brain fog. Sound confusing? Welcome to the world of COVID-19’s reoccurring brain fog.

The metaphorical Talons of COVID are sunk into our society, and it has a “Kung-Fu Grip” on our people. In the first round of COVID people reported numerous different symptoms ranging from not being able to taste mom’s spaghetti, not being able to smell mom’s spaghetti, or just plain not being able to keep mom’s spaghetti down. Shameless plug for Eminem’s song “Lose Yourself”. As the months and years have passed, the Corona Virus, like Hydra- has sprouted another ugly head. Brain Fog. This seemingly unstoppable beast we call COVID, Corona, “The Rona” has once again hit us with another left hook- and this time right on the button.

Let’s clear the air here. I am NOT A DOCTOR. So, what I am about to report is what I can gather from watching interviews, reading publications, and conducting some questioning of my own.

            Brain fog from COVID has been explained as a residual effect of having the COVID-19 virus, or a “Long Hauler” as some doctors are referring. Researchers are still trying to unlock what is happening to the body when infected with “The Rona” and its additional brain fog that goes with it, but there are some theories out there. There is no shortage of articles to read that state the virus is attacking sensory neurons or inflaming the brain with cytokines. I even found an article that stated this “fog” resembles “Chemo fog”, something cancer patients encounter when receiving chemo treatment. Regardless, what we can discern from this is with COVID’s brain fog, loss of basic cognitive functioning is common.

Some of the symptoms reported stemming from COVID brain fog include:

·       Depression

·       Feeling sluggish (foggy)

·       Overwhelming Fatigue

·       Lack of mental clarity

·       Inability to concentrate

·       Confusion

·       Memory or “Recall” problems

·       Headaches


So, is it neurological damage that crushes our brain function, inflammation, or a combination of both? This is one of those times where the saying, “Ignorance is bliss” fits perfect. And to miss quote Dr. Leonard McCoy from star Trek, “Damn it World! I’m a Blogger, not a doctor!” I think the only definitive thing we can say is that it affects the way we function in today’s world.

Cognitive function can be simply defined as; Cognitive function includes a variety of mental processes such as perception, attention, memory, decision making, and language comprehension. Cognitive function serves a critical role in everyday behavior and social behavior. Our brains are a marvel of miracles, putting together thoughts, interpreting visuals, coordinating motor activity, and so much more. The human brain does all of this through a vast network of neurons, and electrical impulses.

Why is this important? Those electrical impulses and the network of neurons they fire on, make you, you. That is what allows you to pick up the phone and turn on a podcast or come back with a funny joke when you’re out with friends. When these are not functioning properly, neither are you.

 If you were diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past, and now found that you feel like you’re “not firing on all cylinders”- help is out there. 

The world is growing, and technology is growing with it. Brain Frequency Center is an innovative leader in technology developed to help improve brain function.  Brain Frequency Center has generated software solely designed to help practitioners in the diagnosis and treatment of various mental health, neurological, and cognitive disorders. Whether you feel foggy, fatigued, depressed, confused, or just plain yucky- Brain Frequency Center can help.

Brain Frequency Center uses an individualized approach to the traditional TMS (Trans Magnetic Stimulation) treatments. With the software developed practitioners combine brain mapping with diagnostic tools to recommend a specific treatment plan.

English please, right? Essentially, the Brain Frequency team will run an EEG, gather data, review that data, then prescribe a treatment for the issue. As mentioned earlier, the treatment is an individualized “beefed up” approach to an older method. The individualized portion takes the brain mapping (i.e., a layout of how the patient’s brain is working) and stimulates exactly where the mapping shows the patient is lacking. Remember the network of neurons and electrical impulses? This software reads that activity, records it, and treats it.

I’ll be real with you here. COVID really did a number on the human population. It has put us in a hairy predicament that seems to keep growing (pun intended). Doctors can fight the short-term effects, and with the treatment at Brain Frequency Center the long-term effects can be stippled as well. Regardless of the symptom your showing, we can treat it. COVID-19 is a new aged virus. It’s a new aged virus that needs new age technology to battle it. We’re still learning the ins and outs of retaliation against this illness, but humans are an unshakeable and imaginative bunch. This is our strong point, fierce tenacity, and the ability to make things happen. Keep your head high humans. We are still going!

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