How to Handle Codependent Behavior

February 4th, 2021

Windmill Wellness Ranch is the guarantee to have every tool to be successful in your journey to recovery. Windmill Wellness Ranch is the promise to always be by your side, to be your family, to be your friend. We want to make sure you have every opportunity to have sobriety that lasts. This is what we refer to as the Windmill Guarantee. We want to tackle all the areas that make it a lot harder to reach those goals. This includes the obvious things like removing those temptations, being in a positive, helpful environment but also things that you haven’t really thought were problematic, like codependency. Now, everyone has codependency behaviors to a degree but when you are using, it doesn’t help your recovery. Truly, this is one of the hardest habits to kick but we are here to help with that.

Codependency involves more than just the person struggling with an addiction, but it affects the people around them as well. Their friends, parents, significant other and children can all take on the weight of the unhealthy relationship and it’s behaviors. Addiction makes you use the people that love and care about you because they would do anything for you. They don’t know how to handle these situations but they likely enable these behaviors hoping that you will change. Handling Codependent behaviors is hard for the entire party. There are multiple ways to handle codependency and Windmill Wellness Ranch has useful tips to highlight this area, eliminate and grow from it.

If you’re already moving forward to be with us then you’ve already initiated the first step to healing in this area which is seeking professional help. This will help in your steps of recovery. This knowledge will be good to have during treatment to understand where you are and the best ways to conversate and choose treatment plans that are specific to you.

An individual with substance use disorder should bring the concerns of a codependent relationship with them to treatment. Knowing that an individual has experienced this kind of relationship can be very helpful for therapists and staff to know. It also helps if the entire party is aware so they are able to recognize their own individual behaviors and can take charge of what they need to work on. We all work together to ensure a healthy recovery.

Another way to make progress on limiting/eliminating codependency is by setting healthy boundaries. No one likes to initiate this step, boundaries even sound hard and seem like a chore. But, in reality establishing healthy boundaries is beneficial for both parties in a codependent relationship. Boundaries are to make sure that we are improving in our behavior and keeping track while still being able to get what you want and need. It is key in maintaining a healthy relationship of any kind. Now, what could be an example? Recognizing the needs while not taking advantage, maybe a time limit or frame on conversation, understanding each other, to not be around each other if certain things tempt you or them whether because of time, people or place, respecting the boundaries that have been put in place and the people who placed them, including yourself, but this list could go on and on.

In addition to the things above, learning and accepting that you are not perfect and no one around you is. Ask for what you need and don’t settle for anything less.

If you or a loved one is codependent, has been battling an addiction and depressed or anxious, this is the place for you. You may have even been battling enabling a loved one who has had a battle of their own with substance abuse and didn’t realize until now, know you have options to recover. We each have our own story that needs to be shared and we want you to let us in on that. Change is possible. Windmill Wellness wants to help you and or your loved ones with that change.

It may take a while to get to this point. But everyone must work at their own pace. Pushing yourself to be the best you is never a bad thing but here at Windmill Wellness Ranch we offer only the best team, environment and tools to help guide you to be that very best. We are on your side. We want to look after your loved ones and help them reach the ultimate success to live a life greater and fuller.