How To Choose A Drug Rehab Facility

July 2nd, 2019

Addiction is a wide-spread disease that affects millions of people all across the country. Thankfully, there are plenty of treatment facilities available and ready to take in those who are willing to get help. In fact, there are so many treatment facilities out there that it can often become a daunting task figuring out which is right for you or your loved one.

Not all addiction treatment facilities are created equal. Every facility will have its own mindset and treatment process that might work for some individuals, but not all. It is important to understand a facilities philosophy and treatment process in order to know if it is going to be the best fit.

There are multiple factors to consider when you begin to look for an addiction treatment facility. One of the biggest ones being: does the facility treat the addiction you’re struggling with? Not every facility offers treatment for every addiction. For instance, some facilities may specialize only in treating alcohol addiction and not other addictive substances like cocaine or heroin. It goes without saying that you’re going to want to choose a facility that has experience and success in treating whatever addiction it is that you’re seeking treatment for.  

Location is another point to consider when looking for a treatment center. Some people prefer to go far from home when seeking treatment, while others prefer to have family or friends nearby. This can be especially important if your family intends to participate in your recovery. For instance, many facilities, including Windmill Wellness Ranch, have family days when your loved ones can come to the property to participate in family therapy. This can be an incredibly important part of the recovery journey for all involved and if you seek treatment far from home then this would be one step of treatment that you would miss out on. 

The quality of the staff is another very important factor that differentiates some treatment facilities. It is important to choose a facility with a staff of masters level clinicians and individuals who have experience in addiction treatment. It is important for someone going through treatment to know that they can trust the individuals treating them; i.e. knowing that the staff are well trained and accredited in their role. 

While certainly not the most important factor to consider when making a decision on a treatment facility, amenities can be a great resource while at treatment. Some facilities offer luxury type amenities such as spas and massages, which can aid in the recovery process, but are most definitely not necessary. At Windmill Wellness Ranch, we have plenty of amenities available on our 75-acre ranch that include a pool, sand volleyball court, state-of-the-art gym, basketball court, art classes, pool tables, and more. 

Whether or not a facility allows pets can be a big part of the decision making process for individuals. We have found that many of those who suffer from addiction choose not to seek treatment, because they do not allow them to bring their dog. This is why we at Windmill Wellness Ranch have chosen to be a dog-friendly facility. We feel that anyone who is willing to seek treatment deserves a fair chance and having a pet should not be a factor holding them back. It is also believed that having a pet with you during treatment greatly increases a positive outcome.   

Aftercare is an incredibly important part of maintaining sobriety post treatment. A good facility should offer to assist in connecting you with the proper resources in your area, from recovery resources to job opportunities. It is also great to have the ability to be a part of an alumni program in order to connect with those in recovery within your community. At Windmill Wellness Ranch, we have an online alumni community where our past patients post daily to keep in touch with each other. We also have a yearly reunion here at the ranch for alumni to have the chance to come back and visit with those they have built friendships with and celebrate their sobriety together. 

Unfortunately, you may not know that a treatment process or philosophy is right for you until you give it a shot. It often can take an addict multiple tries at various facilities before finding the help they need and that works best for them and there is nothing wrong with that. 

Windmill Wellness Ranch is a co-occurring treatment facility in the Texas Hill Country. Our mission is to treat the underlying root of one’s addiction instead of simply treating the addiction itself. Because there is no one-size fits all approach to recovery, our program offers many kinds of therapies to our patients in order to find what works best for them. This includes EDMR therapy, Alpha-Stim, SMART Recovery, and iTMS, which is only available at Windmill Wellness Ranch. With a success rate that is nearly 14x that of the national average, we believe that you or your loved one will find the path to recovery here at Windmill Wellness Ranch. 

Contact our admissions team today if you’re ready to get the help you need and be on the path to recovery.