What To Expect After Rehab

June 11th, 2019

You just completed the bravest and toughest time of your life; You completed a rehab program and you’re now clean and sober. So, what now? 

Many people not only fear the step of entering into a rehab program, but there is also a great fear around what comes after. What are the next steps? How do you stay sober? Where do you go from here? These are big questions that many people leaving treatment face. At Windmill Wellness Ranch, we want to help every individual feel confident when leaving treatment and make sure they have the answers to their questions. 

In this blog, we’ll tackle some of these common questions while providing you with some key first steps when returning to your reality post treatment. 

Find A Community 

Community is key in recovery. Being able to have access to people who have been through some of the same struggles as you, and who are continuing to face some of these struggles on a daily basis, can often help you stay grounded. It also provides you with a great resource. These individuals may be farther ahead in their recovery and can often offer you helpful tips and insights into the world of sobriety. 

When it comes to finding a sober community, many cities have support groups that are open to anyone. These groups are a great way to connect with others in recovery and often include fun meet-ups over a counseling style environment. Of course, there are always Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) groups in cities big and small. Ultimately, it is essential for you to be active in your recovery by making an effort to be a part of and attend the meetings of these groups. 

Keep A Focus On Your Mental Health 

Staying healthy both mentally and physically is going to be very important, especially in the beginning stages of your recovery outside of treatment. Returning to your old life and your old routine can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, especially if you were previously surrounded by temptation through work or friends. It’s important to not keep a focus on the negative and to instead focus on the positive things that are going on in your life. For one, you are sober! You made such an amazing accomplishment that you should be proud of every single day. Taking a moment to reflect on the hard work that you have put in and to be grateful for your life is a great way to maintain balance throughout your day. 

Exercise should play a key role in your sobriety. Exercise is an amazing way to decrease anxiety and depression. Start with something as simple as walking your dog for thirty minutes every day, swim laps in your local pool, sign up for a local gym and just find what works for you. 

 Stay Busy

One of the biggest things that you may notice after leaving treatment is how much time you have on your hands. By finding a new hobby, you’re not only making time for yourself, but you’re hopefully spending time doing something that you enjoy. Here are some suggestions of possible hobbies to consider taking up:

  • Gardening, Writing, Rock Climbing, Bike Riding, Dancing, Painting/Drawing, Volunteering, Cooking, Jogging, etc. 

There are so many different activities that you can consider adding to your daily or weekly routine that will keep you busy and keep you engaged either with yourself or with others. 


Relapse is most common for those who have recently completed rehab; Typically within six months of leaving treatment. It’s so important for you to remember the tools that you learned while in treatment in order to minimize your risk of relapsing. Suffering from cravings and temptation is something that many people in recovery have struggled with. It’s important to remember that you are not alone. You have a support system within your AA, NA or other support groups, and with Windmill Wellness Ranch you have a group of fellow sober individuals available to you via our alumni Facebook page. 

Remember where your vulnerable points are and how to protect yourself from things that may trigger those vulnerabilities and negative thoughts. When you do have these moments, it is important to visit a sober friend, head to a meeting, or schedule a therapy session. Whatever is going to get you away from your negative thoughts and back on track to positive vibes.   


At Windmill Wellness Ranch, we work hard to ensure that each individual who spends time with us is equipped to return to their lives with proper coping skills and a support system that has got their back. We know how important on-going care is and we work to develop a relapse-prevention plan that can assist each patient in their recovery journey. 

Contact us today to begin your path to recovery.