What 10 Factors You Should Look for in an Addiction Treatment Program

April 2nd, 2019

Overcoming a drug or alcohol substance use disorder and achieving long-term recovery takes enrollment in the right program. Effective treatment comes from a facility that offers everything the patient needs for lifelong success. The right treatment center for you or a loved one can help put an end to a destructive addiction for good. With so many options available, however, it can be difficult to know which program is the right choice for you. Search for these 10 factors to verify a treatment center’s ability to meet your needs.

Personalized Treatment Programs

No two recovery journeys are identical. A personalized treatment program will give you or your loved one the best odds of long-term recovery. Personalized programs use doctors to diagnose each individual’s addiction and any dual conditions, such as schizophrenia or post-traumatic stress disorder. Then, the staff creates a treatment program tailored to treating the unique contributing factors behind the patient’s addiction. This ensures each patient receives an optimized treatment program to facilitate positive results.

Assessments by Physicians

The center should employ licensed physicians or other substance use disorder professionals to diagnose the issue. Find a center that hires doctors with certifications from the American Society of Addiction Medicine with training on how to treat addiction. You or your loved one may need inpatient treatment from a medical staff if the patient cannot stabilize his or her recovery alone. Windmill Wellness Ranch employs top tier addiction specialists, including masters level clinicians to provide you with the best care possible.

If a physician has already given you a dual diagnosis, find a facility with resources to handle your specific conditions. The facility should engage in open and honest communication with clients, with contact information available to patients and their family members. You should receive an honest diagnosis and customized treatment plan according to the specific condition(s) involved in your case. You or your loved one should not feel afraid to ask questions. 

A Focus on Treating the Whole Individual

The best recovery programs aim to find the root of the addiction and heal the individual, rather than focusing only on treating the addiction itself. Treating the cause of the addiction will reduce the likelihood of relapse by identifying and resolving why the addictive behavior began. A holistic approach to addiction treatment can help the body naturally restore itself to its most authentic state, for healing and health that will last.

Look for a center that focuses on the whole patient: physical wellness, brain wellness, and mental health. Windmill Wellness Ranch, for example, uses an integrated healing system to improve the physical, spiritual, and emotional health of each patient. It is also the only center in Texas that uses repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) technology to heal the brain. Windmill Wellness Ranch treats addiction’s underlying issues, such as depression, anxiety, and neurocognitive problems.

Research-Validated Techniques

Although each recovery center has license to do things differently, the chosen strategies should have a basis in fact and science. Look for programs, protocols, and treatment options based on research. Windmill Wellness Ranch uses research-backed programs such as EMDR therapy to heal trauma and rTMS treatment to heal the brain. You should feel confident in the systems the center uses to treat its clients, based on years of research.

National Accreditation

Accreditation can confirm the quality of a drug or alcohol treatment facility. It means the facility meets the standards and regulations set by national organizations. You can have peace of mind that you or your loved one will receive care from certified clinicians at a center with accreditation. About 85% of recovery facilities nationwide have national accreditation. Choose a center that is within this 85% to feel safe and secure.

Track Record in the Industry

Don’t necessarily search for a perfect success rate; recovery centers that guarantee success are lying. It is not possible to guarantee a successful recovery, as that is up to the individual. Instead, search for experience in the field. Green recovery centers with less than five years in their histories may not be the best choice. In the early stages, recovery centers are still getting on their feet. Some newer centers may not be reliable. Search for a center that knows the industry, and that has the history to prove it. Currently, Windmill Wellness Ranch has a success rate of roughly 58% compared to the national average of 4%.

Values That Align With Yours

Different clients will have different goals for their recoveries. Find a center that aligns with your goals for the best possible experience. If you want to stay close to your children, for example, find a center near you. If you want to bring along a pet, find a pet-friendly facility. Some clients may not think a 12-step program is the right course of action. If this sounds like you, find an alternative. Consider whether you have any special needs, desires, or demands. Then, start your search for the ideal facility with these in mind.

Comprehensive Therapies

Therapy is an important part of the rehabilitation and recovery process. Find a center that offers different types of therapies from certified therapists. The facility should teach critical recovery, mental health management, and interpersonal skills through therapy sessions. These skills can help clients cope with underlying issues and avoid relapse in the future. Look for a center with a variety of therapy types, as well as with related activities such as meditation or yoga. This will give you or your loved one plenty of options to find the ideal fit.

Activities That Speak to You

The client should feel comfortable at an inpatient treatment center, complete with activities that are ideally suited for his or her interests. Research different centers’ available activities until you find one that matches you or a loved one’s pastimes. Different centers may offer activities such as hikes, yoga, personal training, painting, massage, swimming, and more. These activities can help you stay physically fit on your recovery journey. They can also teach important skills one can use to overcome an addiction, such as coping mechanisms.

Continuing Care

Recovery is a lifelong journey. It is not enough for a center to detox patients and send them on their way. The recovery program you choose should have options available for continuing care upon completing the initial weeks. Continuing care may mean support groups, communication methods, outpatient treatment programs, or other efforts. Look for a center that follows up with patients even after their release, or provides some type of continuing support program after the initial stay.

Windmill Wellness Ranch Checks All the Boxes

Windmill Wellness Ranch is an accredited treatment facility with programs for drug and alcohol addiction. Our recovery services treat the mind, spirit, and body. Our facility uses top neurotechnology to heal the brain, combined with traditional therapies to heal the mind and activities to heal the body. We have a success rate of 58%, while the national average is just 4%. We want to help you or a loved one achieve true wellness and lasting sobriety. Contact us to set up a free, confidential consultation. Get the help you need today.