Windmill is proud to sponsor the podcast "Addiction and the Family", which is dedicated to helping both people in recovery and their family members to gain better understand and greater healing around addiction. We know that families have far too few resources available, so we want to help bring this one to the world.

"Addiction and the Family" is hosted and produced by Casey and Kira Arrillaga, two team members at Windmill Wellness Ranch. They are both family members of people with addiction, are in recovery themselves, and also work daily with others who are trying to recover. All of these perspectives are represented in the podcast.

Casey also runs the Windmill Wellness Ranch family workshop each week to help support family members of our clients, which one family member called "a game changer." Please see our Family page to learn about how you, as a family member, can participate in your loved one's recovery and start to find your own recovery from the insidious effects of addiction on you and your loved ones. 

Check out the podcast by clicking here. Or browse top episodes by topic below:


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